Hi! My name is Aiwei, and welcome to my line of designer collars for your pet- PawGlam!® In my past 10 years as Art Director and designer in various advertising agencies, it has always been my passion to create a strong design identity for every product or campaign entrusted to me. As a great animal lover and an owner of 4 lovely cats, I realised that most pet collars in the market now aren’t exciting. So it set me thinking: if we humans can have beautiful necklaces, chokers or macho bows on our necks, why can’t our furry friends have them too? If there were a wide range of accessory collar styles to suit their character and personality, wouldn’t it be interesting to change styles for our pets and be as glamorous as Hollywood stars? So the time has come to revolutionize how your pet looks!

PawGlam!® is all about giving your pet the star treatment it deserves. Each collar is exclusively designed by me. Every piece of jewellery, ribbon and lace is delicately sewn, studded and glued with tender loving care and attention, so that your beloved friend gets the star quality that he or she deserves! There is a wide range of styles to choose from – from the glamorous to the funky, from the hip to the gothic, as well as designs to match every festive season! Each material used on the collar is carefully chosen to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet while he or she possesses that great look.

Love your pets like I love my own.