Each collar design from PawGlam!® is uniquely design, carefully researched, conceptualize and tested on pets wearing them before actual product is launched.

Besides taking care of the comfort of your pet, we aim to maintain the design standards and never compromise to poor workmanship and quality for your little one.

At PawGlam!® we ensure that all collars are quality checked before mailing out to you. Every collar has an improved version of bullet punch at both ends of the collar for stronger durability while the collar is on the pet especially for walks. Also accessories on the collars are 98% sewn on and bullet punched onto every collar to ensure that each PawGlam!® collar are durable yet fashionably stylish.


Punk? Birthday? Girly? Wedding? Macho? Sparkly? The choice is yours.

Whether you are designing from scratch or going with a theme, PawGlam! founder Aiwei will work closely with you to create a pet collar that’s one-of-a-kind and uniquely your own. Inject your own creativity from colours to materials to size, just give us your specifications and trust us to do the rest. Drop us an email at
to arrange for enquiries on customisation quotations and your free consultation today!

PawGlam! Offers two types of customisation categories to suit your needs.

Category A
Customised Collar Design
Customer’s designs or from past designs. Check out our Legacy Showcase for some ideas to get you started!

Name Customisation
Please note that name customisation is only available for customised collar designs
and not for regular ready-made PawGlam! collars available at various retail points.
i. Deep-cut Engraving (double-sided) – Additional SGD20
1. Front: Pet’s name, Back: Owner’s contact
ii. Diamonite Name Lettering – Additional SGD10
1. Max: 7-8 letters

Category B 
Customised Leashes and Harnesses
Customer’s designs or from past designs.

Leashes (provided by PawGlam!)
i. Length of leash: 2.5m, Width of leash: 2cm

Harnesses (provided by customer)
i. Harness must be adjusted to pet’s size before PawGlam! can design, decorate or add embellishments to the harness.