Safety Guidelines

To ensure the safety and comfort of your pet when it wears a PawGlam!® Accessory Collar, please observe the following guidelines:

  •   Ensure there is at least a finger-sized space between the collar and the neck of your pet.
  •   Remove the collar before your pet goes for his / her swim or bath.
  •   If this is the first time that your pet wears a collar, observe your pet for signs of discomfort. If your pet feels uncomfortable wearing the collar, do remove it immediately. Replace it on your pet the next day.
  •   Gradually allow your pet to get used to wearing the collar; however, do not attempt to force him or her to wear it if it shows signs of reluctance.
  •   When cleaning the collar, hand-wash it lightly with mild soap and water. Thereafter, dry the collar thoroughly before putting it on your pet.
  •   Where possible, prevent your pet from getting into fights with other animals, as the collars will pose hazard to the safety of your pet under such circumstances.

May you and your pet have a great time Glam-ing up! Have fun!