About Utt and PawGlam!:
Model, actor, host, philanthropist, entrepreneur, animal lover, animal rights advocator.

International celebrity Uttsada Panichkul, better known as Utt, is a man of many talents. Now, he is adding one more to his list – pet fashion designer.

The Utt X PawGlam premium pet collar collection is Utt’s first foray into the world of pet fashion design and the first collaboration of its kind in Singapore’s pet scene.

Having worked together with PawGlam founder and long-time friend Sia Aiwei on several pet-related projects, the two creative minds came up with a design collaboration that would allow Utt to launch his own brand and share his love for fashion with fellow pet lovers.

The collaboration is also Aiwei’s first tie-up with another designer since she founded PawGlam on her own two years ago. Back in 2009, with 10 years of experience as Art Director and designer for various projects in advertising, Aiwei thought it was time to fill the gap that was lacking in the local pet fashion industry. Marrying her love for design and animals, PawGlam was born. Aiwei has since been working towards creating a strong design identity that is both fashionable and functional.

For the first PawGlam collaboration, Utt designed collars that he would love to see on his own pets. The first-time designer fused his personal style into his collection designing each one to reflect his different tastes in fashion. His collars embody his favourite looks – classy, masculine, and tough with a dash of “rockstar edge”. From his many influences, Utt has always considered the rock culture to be one of the new “evergreens” of this generation and his fondness of the culture is evident and consistent in his designs.

Staying true to the PawGlam philosophy, all collars in Utt’s collection are 100% handmade by Aiwei ensuring that each collar is made with utmost attention to detail, care and love. Aiwei’s vision for PawGlam extends far beyond her large female customer base, and Utt’s fresh take on pet collars gives PawGlam its first male-oriented range, launching PawGlam into an all-rounded brand that can be enjoyed by everyone.